Phase 1 Grant Awarded! Next Steps…

We’re pleased to announce The Delridge Triangle has been awarded the Neighborhood Matching Fund Grant!

We now have the opportunity to have a voice on how we want to best use this much needed and cherished space for the South Delridge community.

A big thank you to everyone that has participated to date to get us to this next stage in redeveloping the space.

Next steps on the project timeline:

– Friends of the Delridge Triangle (FDT) committee leaders will attend the City’s grant recipient workshop.
– Fiscal Sponsor to be selected.

– FDT committee to draft and publish scope with call for RFQs from interested Landscape Architects.
– FDT committee starts process of review of RFQs and selection of the vendor.

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Want to join the FDT steering committee? 
The steering committee is always open to community members that are interested and dedicated to supporting this project through to completion. Get in touch – email [email protected] to set up a short conversation about the role and see if it might work for you.

Committee Planning Meeting 6/4 7PM @ Two Fingers Social

Steering Committee Meeting:

June 4th 7:00 PM at Two Fingers Social (9211 Delridge Way SW)


High level overview: copy of first draft Application, next steps of copy edit and updates to final.

Review of draft Workplan for grant Application.

Review of Landscape Architect initial estimates based on described scope (aka: the draft Workplan). Committee agree to a set Budget figure for the Application.

Committee to set Matching Fund goal, based on the Budget figure. Review outreach materials including ways to secure pledges.

Strategize outreach plan and launch volunteer pledge drive!