Project Timeline

Phase 1 Project Timeline:

June 2018 Community Pledge Drive- SUCCESS!
June 2018 Application is Submitted for Grant- SUCCESS!
July/Aug 2018 Summer Workparties: Clean Up the Triangle! – SUCCESS!
Sept/Oct 2018 RFQ Drafting Process and Run Call for Submissions for Landscape Architect , RFQ Collection and Prep for Review
Oct 2018 Steering Committee and Volunteer Review Period. Meet for selection of vendor
Oct 2018 Outreach campaign for Workshop 1 based on pledges and more outreach
Oct 2018 Contract with Selected Landscape Architect
Oct 2018 Community Workshop 1
Nov 2018 Landscape Architect meeting with Steering Committee
Nov/early Dec 2018 Launch outreach campaign for Community Workshop 2 – Inclusive of Online Survey #1
early Dec 2018 Community Workshop 2
Jan 2019 Landscape Architect meeting with Steering Committee
Jan/Feb 2019 Open House and Online Survey based on Workshop 2
Feb 2019 Steering Committee Review of Open House(s) Survey Results, Notes for Landscape Architect to finalize deliverables
March Delivery of design renderings, schematics and estimated budgets to Steering Committee for acceptance
April/May 2019 Open House/Announcement Party: Final Design, Kick off Phase 2
May 2019 Phase 1 wrap up