Project Timeline

Phase 1 Project Timeline. Please note that due numerous variables this Timeline is subject to change. (Last update: 10.12.18)

June 2018 Community Pledge Drive- SUCCESS!
June 2018 Application is Submitted for Grant- SUCCESS!
July/Aug 2018 Summer Workparties: Clean Up the Triangle! – SUCCESS!
Oct/Nov 2018 RFQ Drafting Process and Run Call for Submissions for Landscape Architect , RFQ Collection and Prep for Review
Nov/Dec 2018 Steering Committee and Volunteer Review Period. Meet for selection of vendor
Dec 2018 Outreach campaign for Workshop 1 based on pledges and more outreach
Dec/Jan 2019 Contract with Selected Landscape Architect
Jan 2018 Community Workshop 1
Jan 2018 Landscape Architect meeting with Steering Committee
Jan/Feb 2018 Launch outreach campaign for Community Workshop 2 – Inclusive of Online Survey #1
Feb 2018 Community Workshop 2
Feb/Mar 2019 Landscape Architect meeting with Steering Committee
Mar/Apr 2019 Open House and Online Survey based on Workshop 2
Apr 2019 Steering Committee Review of Open House(s) Survey Results, Notes for Landscape Architect to finalize deliverables
Apr/May Delivery of design renderings, schematics and estimated budgets to Steering Committee for acceptance
May 2019 Open House/Announcement Party: Design, Kick off Phase 2
June 2019 Phase 1 wrap up