About the Project | Ways to Get Involved

We are a community interested in turning the Delridge Triangle into a space where the neighborhood can play.

The Delridge Triangle lies at the center of the South Delridge community. With Highland Park to the east and Westwood-Roxhill to the west, the public right of way is central feature to the South Delridge corridor.

The Triangle has a long history of negative social behaviors that have created fear and avoidance. After many years of community activists working hard to create a positive community environment it became clear that more needed to be done.

Simply stated, we have a design problem. The current layout does not encourage positive social interaction.

South Delridge is in desperate need of improving the layout of this public space to allow children to play,  neighbors to connect and for the community to thrive.

Under HALA the City has slated this area to be increased in density. The need for improved pedestrian inter-connectivity, safety and sense of place to socialize and play increases every day.

In 2017, the local neighborhood groups held their first workshop and created The Friends of the Delridge Triangle (FDT).

Our purpose is to activate the voice of the community to create a safe and inclusive space for both children and adults in the area that are in desperate need of outdoor space. Will you help us?

Help Us Get Grant Funding | Pledge Your Time Here.

We need your pledge to participate now in order to qualify for the Phase 1 design grant.

If the grant is awarded, the timeline for your services will stretched over Fall 2018 through Spring 2019. Please take two minutes of your time here to show your commitment to our community. Your details will not be shared outside of the grants team.

Our application to the Neighborhood Matching Fund is a Phase 1 step redesign. If the grant is successful, the Phase 1 redesign plan will enable us to move into a Phase 2 build out based on the design. You can learn more about Phase 1 and Phase 2 [here].

Other Ways You Can Help:

Ask a your neighbors. Share to your network. Use the materials here to make it super easy to get your neighbors involved.

Would like to pledge cash, in-kind services or materials? Maybe join the steering committee? Fill out our contact form and a steering committee member will be in touch to answer questions and confirm the arrangement.